Case Study

Wedding Business Growth

A wedding business wanted to increase their revenue and generate more bridal leads.


Within 16 months, the strategy we created together 9x’s their revenue, 4x’d their leads, and placed them on the first page of Google for their dream keywords.


Find out how below.


How We 9x’s Revenue In 16 Months

The wedding business was having trouble generating quality leads- they didn’t have a lot of web traffic or search results success, nor did they have a significant amount of money for advertising.

With that in mind, we got to work.



Working Together, We Developed the Following Plan of Attack


To increase traffic to the website, we reached out to local and regional wedding-related blogs and YouTube channels with helpful content for their viewers, and the option to visit the wedding business site to download a valuable asset (in exchange for an email).

By getting featured on some of these blogs and channels, we were able to increase the visibility (and traffic numbers) of the wedding business.

Targeting local and regional media channels also provided quality, highly-targeted local leads.


For our long-game strategy, we worked out two ‘Dreamwords’  the wedding business wanted to rank for. These were buyer-intent keywords that would give their traffic and leads the biggest boost.

We restructured the website copy and heading tags to give ‘juice’ to those select Dreamwords. Within 16 months, we had gotten the wedding business to page 1 for both dreamwords.

For the short-game strategy, we found low-competition keywords with fairly high search volume, and build content around those.

That strategy allowed for quicker, easier wins that resulted in an influx of traffic.

This is where you get potential clients at the beginning of their journey, and nurture them as they continue to search for the solution to their problem.

building referral system

Another easy way to get the business more leads was partnering with local wedding venues and photographers to build up a paid referral system.

The wedding business’s ideal clients were already seeking out these services, so partnering with them was able to generate more leads for the business on relative ‘Autopilot’, as well as reduce the cost of a lead for the business.

We wrote letters to build relationships, set up coffee meetings with the owners, and organically built a network of preferred vendors over 9 months.


In our research, we noticed the website and sales copy of competing wedding businesses read the same. In addition to the copy, the offers and packages were also pretty much the same.

Together, we re-worked the website and sales copy in order to build more value (and further educate) our ideal clients, and re-structured their guarantee to clients to one that no one else in the industry was providing.

We also increased average cart value by adding services to their packages, and experimenting with pricing in order to maximize client spend.







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