This One Hour Training Will Give You Instantly Actionable Tactics & Strategies to Start Ranking Your Business’s Web Pages on Page 1 of Google

In this one hour, full-on training, you’ll learn:


The #1 Mistakes Business Owners Make When "SEO'ing" Their Website


An Easy 3-Step Process To Properly Optimize All Your Web Pages


How to Find, Research, & Create Content Around Keywords That Will Bring Traffic to Your Website


How to Break Down Your Competition's Web Pages in Order to Outrank Them


A Keyword Research Strategy That Gets You More Backlinks, Builds Partnerships, and Increases Your Web Traffic


How to Use the Yoast SEO Plugin to Create Optimized Posts & Pages... NO CODING Involved


and MORE!

What is “1st Page Pro?”

1ST PAGE PRO is an in-depth training program that will take the ‘mystery’ and overwhelm out of creating content that gets ranked high in Google.

By following the steps laid out in the training, you’ll get more and more of the pages on your business’s website ranked on the first pages of Google for different keywords, and get MORE TRAFFIC.

1ST PAGE PRO is a simple, straightforward system that will take you from content confusion to a predictable, actionable strategy you can start using TODAY to get better search engine rankings and thus get more clients.

This is the exact system I’ve used in the last year to increase one of my site’s traffic by 419%.



Getting pages on your business website to start ranking on the first page of search engines is a 4-step process, which I’ll cover in depth in this training. 

The 4-Steps to a Page 1 Ranking


You’ll discover how to not only get in your clients’ heads and solve their problems, but also how to get in Google’s head and solve ITS problems.

By following the methods laid out in this section of the training, you’ll have a clear understanding of exactly why Google ranks certain pages over others, and how you can take advantage of that.


Once you’ve learned a little about how Google ranks web pages, and uncover some of the myths and misinformation about SEO, you’re ready to find the keywords and content that WILL work for you.

You’ll learn the process of picking your Dreamwords, how to research these words, and how to break down your competition to see what you can rank for… and what you can’t; no more wasting time creating content for words that are impossible to rank for!



Once you’ve discovered your Dreamwords and used the strategies to put together a game plan, you’ll see how to easily and quickly optimize a page to rank high in Google and other search engines. 

It’s not the rocket science you think it is either!

All we’ll be doing is following a certain layout and structure in order to give your web pages the best shot in the SERPs.



Finally, you’ll learn how to install, configure, and start creating amazing pages and posts that are optimized for search engines by using the free WordPress plugin Yoast SEO.

This little plugin takes all the guesswork out of crafting your on-page SEO, & guides you as you build your pages to make sure you’re keeping in line with SEO best practices.

Best of all? No coding involved!

Also Included in the Training:



In this PDF, I’ll break down one of my own pages that currently ranks #1 on Google.

You’ll see exactly how it’s laid out, coded, and structured that enabled it to climb to Page 1 over the course of a year.



This is the checklist I use when I’m creating a new web page. 

It will help you to make sure you’ve got everything you need to start ranking your web pages, from prep work, to on-page SEO, to off-page SEO.

About Me

5 years ago I was working as a songwriter in Nashville. To make extra money, I started an entertainment company, performing weddings and corporate events. The first year, we made…. $0. The second year, a few thousand at most- not much better.

That’s when I decided to figure out the whole ‘digital marketing’ thing.

I read over 100 books in a year, and devoured courses, lectures, and everything I could. With the help of all that learning, I was able to take the company to $102,000 in that 3rd year.

But I learned something even more valuable: I genuinely LOVED digital marketing. And even better, I loved helping other businesses who were ‘stuck’ (like I was) and showing them how to grow and finally get the success they want, using a few of the systems and principles that helped me build.

This One Hour Training Will Give You Instantly Actionable Tactics & Strategies, as Well As a Proven Process to Start Ranking Your Business’s Web Pages on Page 1 of Google

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