Fix My Career Now

Here are some insights into “Fix My Career Now”, along with a brief outline of the steps you can take to reach your goals.

Since you’re still in the beginning stages of the business, it will be more of a long-game approach than if FMCN was starting from a huge subscriber platform, but that’s ok- you’re in a position to build a strong base this way!

I’d be happy to help you with this if you’re serious about growing it.

the keys to an online business

To Grow an Internet Business from a Website Takes 4 Things

Building an online business is really no different than a regular, local business.

The only small (but key) differences are that you can more easily scale an online business through automation and can deliver to more people around the country vs. being constrained to your immediate area.

Bob, to grow your business to the heights you want it, you need 4 things in place.

1. a consistent traffic system

A traffic syustem gets eyeballs on your site, be it through blog posts, media appearances, paid advertising, organic search, etc. (traffic generation)


Compelling offers turn that traffic into leads once you’ve paid to get them to your site (lead generation)


Once a client has come to your site, trusted you with their information, & bought into your message, THEN they need to get so much value that they spend money with you to get their problem solved.


It’s easier to keep clients than it is to find new ones. How can you maximize the lifetime value of your customers AND get them to refer their friends to you for help?

YOUR Process

To Meet Your Goals, Here’s What I Would Recommend


Remember, a subscription service (or selling products in general) only works when you have a commodity or celebrity status.

Ask yourself the last time you bought something from a teacher online without first being a fan of theirs and trusting them?


Guest appearances on podcasts, guest blogging, YouTube channel appearances.

In other words, getting you in front of the programs your audience is already consuming.


When potential clients get to your site, they need to feel so inspired by your message that they become subscribers to get more value in their lives.

Everything on your website needs to add to that inspiration. Copy, images, structure, testimonials, etc.


Re-working webite copy, images, and structure. Easier navigation, better information, a clearer message.

Also, creating a REALLY good lead magnet that will instantly give clients something they can use to better their job situation.


Organic search is still a very powerful medium.

I know you said youv’e done keyword research, but believe me- there are many untapped, not-too-competitive keywords you can use to get targeted traffic.

Here are 12:


Uncover and create helpful content around untapped keywords that clients are searching for.

This will drive traffic to the site, and by creating content upgrades for them and soliving problems, build your trust factor with them, and cause more and more to convert to paying clients.


My Experience with Building an Online Business

5 years ago I was working as a songwriter in Nashville. To make extra money, I started an entertainment company, performing weddings and corporate events. The first year, we made…. $0. The second year, a few thousand at most- not much better.

That’s when I decided to figure out the whole ‘digital marketing’ thing.

I read over 100 books in a year, and devoured courses, lectures, and everything I could. With the help of all that learning, I was able to take the company to $102,000 in that 3rd year.

But I learned something even more valuable: I genuinely LOVED digital marketing. And even better, I loved helping other businesses who were ‘stuck’ (like I was) and showing them how to grow and finally get the success they want, using a few of the systems and principles that helped me build.



Listed in the “Process” section above is where I believe a buildable, custom starting point would be “Fix My Career Now”.

In this section are some strategy session options.

The difference between these sessions and the courses/information available is that these are all custom, made-for-you, done-for-you strategies and tactics unique to your business.

I’m there with you the whole way, and we correct course as we need to.

After you look these over, scroll below to the Personal Promise section below!


I Want to Guarantee the Results I Get For You & Your Business

My Promise

I understand you’ve probably invested a lot of time, sweat, and money into building your business so far.  Some of it has probably worked great, and other parts have not worked so well.

I want our partnership to be different, and actually HELP you.

After our time and work together, if you feel like I haven’t provided value to you and set you on a course to grow your business and reach the goals we plan out together, I will return your full investment, no questions asked.

You are a client. The definition of client that I follow is this:

Client: One that is under the protection of another

Just as I am offering a partnership to you, you too have considered to partner with me, and are trusting that the work we do together will yield results for your business and move you closer to fulfilling your mission.

Therefore, I fully understand that you are depending on my expertise to help you, and that the strategies and tactics I provide for you will be effective in bringing your vision to life.

That is why I choose to make such a guarantee: I stand behind my reputation of being an adviser who can help you grow your business, and if you feel I did not fulfill that, I want you to feel open to ask for your investment back.


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