Two Quick, Easy Strategies for Getting More Leads TODAY

Brandon Stiles

Today we’re going to be talking about lead generation and how to get more leads to your website and to your business.

I know getting high-quality, pre-qualified leads is one of the hardest things for most businesses, including myself. Usually there are a few months where it’s “hot season”, and you’ve got 30-40 leads coming in a week. Then, there are your dry months, where the phone just stops ringing and leads dry up like a watering hole on the Serengeti in July. We’ve all been there!

A lot of people have trouble generating leads for their business once those main hot months dry up. So today we’re going to be going over two strategies you can use to increase leads for your business.

Guy with holes in his jeans trying to answer some email leads


First method is gonna be (and don’t grit your teeth at me): Facebook Ads.

Now a lot of people (and I was the same way) are like, “Man, I don’t have $800 or $900 to spend on the Facebook for the ads!” Well you don’t need that much- this is good news for you.

Do this: Go to your Facebook ad manager, create an ad, write a good, compelling headline on it like, “Just Opened Your Business? Get These 10 Accounting Secrets to Save $5,000 This April.

Put a good, high-quality picture on it, along with a link to your website, and then set your budget for $5 a day. $5 a day.

That’ll get you (if you target right) probably about 900-1,200 eyeballs on your ad. If you can convert 1% of those (which is about industry standard; ½-1%), you’re looking at getting about 10-15 clicks to your website to get some leads.

Now if you can do that everyday and get 10-15 leads a day, that’s pretty darn good!

Of course there are some guidelines, methods, and best practices for how structuring a good Facebook ad which we’re not going over today, but just think of it this way: Tell yourself, “I’m going to set aside $50 this week, and I’m gonna spend $5 a day for 10 days trying out this whole Facebook ad thing,” and see if you can get some clicks and some wedding leads! See if it works for you, and how your conversions looks; how many people click on your ad. Facebook will tell you that stuff!

All right, that’s the first strategy: just commit to testing out $50 in Facebook Ads.


Second way to get some more leads is building up your referral network. Now, granted that’s easier said than done sometimes, but here’s a great tip on how to meet potential referrers in a pretty organic way (because we know networking meet-and-greet symposiums aren’t always the best).

So odds are you’re probably on some type of Chamber of Commerce/business directory, right? So usually prospects go there looking for someone to help them solve their problem, right?

Well act like your ideal prospect and do the same thing. Go to a site like Yelp or your Chamber of Commerce page and search for complementary businesses in your area. When you find them, click through to their websites, and then just send them an email saying, “Hey! This is so-and-so from XYZ Company in Dallas. I was looking for other local vendors to refer to the some of my clients, and I’d love to meet with you, buy you a cup of coffee, talk a little shop, as well as refer each other some business!”

When they hear this, other business owners will probably be more than happy to meet with you, and even share some of THEIR tips on how THEY get leads and new business in.

Not only are you getting new marketing and advertising strategies, but you’re also building a local, tight-knit community that will help a ton with getting new referrals and more prospects.

So those are my two tips for today- spend $50 this week on Facebook advertising. Youtube some videos if you need help- there are thousands of videos out there that will teach you how to set up and promote a great Facebook ad.

Second tip, get on Yelp of your Chamber of Commerce directory, search for businesses in your area that complement yours, send them an email, meet for coffee.

Those two strategies have the potential to double, triple, quadruple your ability to get new leads versus just putting your website up and saying, “Boy, I HOPE this works!”


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