Quick Hack for Finding Great Content Ideas


Today I wanted to show you a cool trick on how you can come up with ideas for new, cool content to write about that’s relevant to your customer or your clients.

So most businesses have figured out that nowadays, “content marketing” (creating informative videos, blog posts, infographics, etc. centered around your industry) is a great way to not only build goodwill with your customer base, but also to climb the rankings in Google and get your information shared. Think about it: when you write content, throw in some good keywords and synonyms and actually HELP people- you give and you give and you give and you give- Google looks at that and says to itself, “Wow, what a nice business owner! We’re going to shoot them up the ranks so that other people can find out how nice of a business this is and we’re going to spread all that golden information they’re dishing out because it will help OUR customers searching for these kinds of answers!”

Again, businesses create this content using videos, blog posts, podcasts- all kinds of things- and what’s even cooler is that Google’s getting REALLY good at being able to take, for example, a video, pick out the audio from it, and be able to tell what that video is about. Then, they can rank it accordingly based on speech as if it were a written blog piece. Pretty cool stuff! (And as you can only imagine, that technology will get better).

But just because you KNOW that creating content can really help boost your business, it doesn’t make coming up with that content is easy. People have a hard time coming up with “good” content.

When someone tells you, “Hey, just create good content!” it’s kind of like saying to someone who wants to start losing weight, “Well just work out and eat right!”

Well shoot- that’s pretty darn general. Do I go in and start running and doing cardio, or hit the weight, or what? What’s the routine???

And that specificity is even more important when creating content because you don’t want to create content that no one wants- it’s a waste of YOUR time and no one else will care.

So how can you come up with ideas for good content? Well, there are a number of ways, and today I’m going to show you one of my favorite “hacks”:

You can come up with great content ideas by doing a little “seeking out” of the conventions in your industry. These days, it seems like EVERYONE has some sort of conference or convention- Comicon, PAX West, GKIC; in fact, I think it was Dan Kennedy who said: “If a niche is big enough to have a conference dedicated to it, that means someone’s already done the research and decided there are enough PEOPLE out that want to spend money in that niche.”

So how can we use these conferences and conventions to come up with good content ideas?

I’ll start with an example. Let’s say I was trying to reach plastic surgeons find new patients, or help them build their practice or improve their marketing efforts. So I’d want to try and create content centered around that central idea.

So first I’d navigate to Google and type in “plastic surgeon conferences”.

When the results come up, I’d start scrolling down and looking for some upcoming plastic surgeon conferences.



Here’s one: “The Meeting”- this looks pretty cool. Click through to it.

When the page comes up, you’re going to just start looking around for some sort of tab that says “Agenda” or “Program” or “Schedule”.

In this case, here’s what I found:

Now I’m going to click into “Reboot your Practice” and when this loads up, I’m going to scroll down and check out some of the workshops for the day.

If you do that, you’re going to find some of the topics being talked about at this big conferences that’s going to be attended by everyone that would be interested in YOUR business niche.

So here are some great kind of “pre-proven” topics to write about:

  • 1. The Science of the Interview
  • 2. How to Recruit and Pick a Winner Resume from the Pile
  • 3. Techniques to Win Over New inquiries and Patients

All of these are awesome, proven content ideas- just take these as foundational ideas, reword them a little bit, and go from there; fair game for creating really good content that you already know people are going to care about.

Let’s try another convention. Let’s say I was interested in helping small businesses in general- let’s Google “small business conferences”. Here’s a look at the results page:

So here’s on that I like the name of- “Small Business Expo”.

At the home page, the city “Dallas” pulls up under “Upcoming Events”. So I click on that and start scrolling down the page, again just looking for ‘agenda’ or ‘talks’ or anything like that.

Here’s what I found:

“How much would you give me for my business?”

So you could write something that teaches business owners how to sell their business or how to evaluate how much their business might be worth.

Here are some more: “Page One Google Search: How to Get There and Stay There”.

“Write a Book to Transform Your Business: How Writing a Book Can Skyrocket Your Revenue.”

“How to Buy Real Estate at 30-40% of the Market Price”

There’s TONS of gold in here and believe me, the folks giving these talks have vetted, researched, and thought through the content- they know these are subjects and topics that people in this niche are going to care about. They know what’s going to bring people in and get them reading and paying attention. Now all YOU have to do is take these ideas and make them your own.

So there you have one of my favorite hacks for coming up with great content for your business that you know people in your niche are going to want to read and share. are some quick hacks for how to find good content to write about on the fly.

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