A Little About Me

In case you wanted to know

My Story

Quick Background: I was born on the outskirts of an Atlanta suburb, graduated from the University of Georgia, and then moved up to Nashville with my wife to write country songs.

The Good Stuff: While writing in Nashville, I started an entertainment company on the side, and got zero clients and made zero money my first 6 months. 

Shaken but not stirred, I looked in the mirror and promised my reflection that I was going to figure this ‘business’ stuff out once and for all, and took a Marketing and Design Deep Dive.

After reading over 35,000 pages of marketing and business books, designing over a dozen business websites, and studying under some really cool business leaders, I used that knowledge  to grow the entertainment company to $102,110 in 18 months. I also lucked out- turns out the experience of writing country tunes (learning from some of the Nashville greats) carried over wonderfully into writing copy- keep it simple, to the point, and make ’em feel something. 

Where You Come In: Along the way, I realized something: I LOVE teaching this stuff and helping other people grow their businesses like I grew mine. It makes me feel purposeful, and is way more fun than the 10-2am bar gigs. 

So I started this company in late 2016, and have been helping/teaching/enjoying it ever since.



How 2017 Went

Here’s some info on how 2017 went.

I worked with churches, realtors, plastic surgeons, wedding vendors, construction companies, and photographers, and entrepreneurs.

They got more leads, sold more products, got more web traffic, and ranked higher in Google- all thanks to some of the techniques we used and the systems we put in place to make sure they were continuing to grow.

Not only did we grow the companies together- we tracked it all- that way, we weren’t wasting any of their money on advertising and growth strategies that weren’t getting any results. 




Wrote an Amazon Bestseller

After doing a ton of research in the plastic surgery field to help bring in new patients for surgeons, I decided to put it all down in book form. 

The book went on to become a Top 10 Marketing bestseller on Amazon- pretty cool stuff, and I learned a lot about creating and using a book funnel to build a business. 

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